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Winter Moth

Observed: 7th December 2009 By: David EcofaithDavid Ecofaith’s reputation in InvertebratesDavid Ecofaith’s reputation in Invertebrates

Small light brown moth attracted to the light of a window

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Not sure enough is here

Would probably want to see the hindwing to eliminate Northern Winter Moth.

David Howdon

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(Northern) Winter

Agree with David H that it is tricky to be sure of which winter moth this is. Northern Winter moth has not often been recorded in Berkshire, but it may have been overlooked, so they are worth checking closely.

If you record moths regularly in Berkshire you may be interested in the Berkshire Moth Group, see:

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Observation moved from ‘other

Observation moved from ‘other organisms' section to one of the other areas where it fits in better and people interested in this group of organisms can find it more easily. Other organisms group is only for things that do not fit in any of the other sections, for example bacteria, viruses, slime moulds or things that you have no idea which group to put them in.