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Observed: 21st May 2011 By: miked
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chrysotoxum cautum?? very convincing wasp mimic hoverfly

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I'd agree with the genus -

but there is another, very similar species, Chrysotoxum verralli. I'm not sure of the distinction. Pretty little beast, though!

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was looking on the hoverfly

was looking on the hoverfly recording scheme website and could not see a key or full description of the species (only short descriptions). can see the segments of the antennae and the wing details quite well on the fully enlarged 2000pix version of the image on ispot. will put others from different angles incase (took more at the time) there are other id features needed

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Chrysotoxum cautum

I agree with the ID. It keys out as this in Stubbs and Falk from these pictures. Antennal segment 1 is 2/3 of segment 2 and the thoracic dorsum has hairs as long as width of 3rd antennal segment. A female, with eyes separated.


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