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Purple flowering plant

Observed: 20th May 2011 By: Equaliguana
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This plant has appeared in my veg plot, I waited until it flowered to send in a picture. Anyone have any ideas what it is? - i didn't plant it.

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have seen this several imes

have seen this several imes this year, seems to be increasing rapidly

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Thanks for help - I will leave it and see what the root is like

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I spotted this today too

Seen on a roundabout (Bowshot roundabout near Compton Verney in Warwickshire) - though I nearly missed it the second time I went past, as the flowers had closed after 12 noon. I suspect that the roundabout was 'wild flower' seeded when it was created a few years ago. Maybe salsify is an indicator of the source of 'wild flower' seed? Did they all come from the same place?! There's also russian comfrey and weld on the same roundabout, and lots of quite robust bird's foot trefoil.

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must be

I think it must be as I have noticed the same thing on the road verges of the motorway near Newcastle,I think the council's are getting better at sowing wild flower seed's and making area's look more attractive plus beneficial to insect's.I was annoyed as I could not stop anywhere to get picture's.


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arguable about getting better!

If they were getting better at sowing wild flower seeds, perhaps they'd only sow locally sourced ones? Yes they are pretty and may attract insects, but they may then cross with local plants - and they may not be food plants for the local insects. Many of the motorway bank cowslips look far chunkier than UK wild ones I think (not that I've really looked too carefully) - if they cross-pollinate, the 'pure' UK ones may become rarer. Rather like Spanish bluebells crossing with UK ones.