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Chinese Muntjac deer

Observed: 1st January 2003 By: PetejPetej’s reputation in MammalsPetej’s reputation in MammalsPetej’s reputation in Mammals
Chinese Muntjac deer

Wandered onto the lawn and was clearly agitated at being out in the open. I took the photo through the kitchen window. The deer quickly disappeared into the bushes at the bottem of the garden.

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really nice shot ive seen

really nice shot ive seen them near me they are lovely deer!

i enjoy taking photos of wildlife esp reptiles my fav uk reptile is the common lizard

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When you say low to the ground, notice how it is lower at the front of the deer, the hind legs are much longer. This discrepancy is a distinguishing feature of muntjac. This is likely to be a female, no obvious tusks. Does not have the jizz of a young male.

Graham Banwell

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