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Observed: 19th May 2011 By: JeremyThomas
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Sorry about my photos!
I saw them in a tree, every branch and trunk covered in 'webs' from ground level to the top. It was dripping with hundreds - maybe thousands - of caterpillars, some of which were working their way up & down the branches, others suspended on threads.
They were also on forest floor and adjacent hawthorn, oak, nettles, etc.
Description: they were skinny ones, 10-15mm long.
Colour: black & brown striped. Stripes equal width, less than 1 mm, across their bodies rather than along the length of the body.
The tree: about 15' high, but unable to identify species as the caterpillars have eaten every leaf.
The web: white fibres, attached close to branches or hanging in single threads or bundles (but not in a 'spirograph' pattern likea traditinal spider's web).

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