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Observed: 20th May 2011 By: MrMotoMrMoto’s reputation in Plants
Flowers in grow bag
Flowers in grow bag 1
Flowers in grow bag 1 2
Flowers in grow bag 1 2 3
Flowers in grow bag 1 2 3 4
Flowers in grow bag 1 2 3 4 5
Flowers in grow bag 1 2 3 4 5 6

Seeded this grow bag last, year these are some flowers and plants that came this year, any idea as to what they are would be nice.

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Any chance

Would you be able to take closer separate picture's of each one as it's is a bit hard to see them clearly to give correct id.



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if you click on pic again it brings up another which you can them zoom in on. thank you, please have a nice day.

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Agreed -

The large plant with white flowers looks like white campion, others are less obvious.

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White Campion

...Red Campion (?)...Teasel...Rosebay Willowherb...Cleavers, amongst others.


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Far right one certainly looks

Far right one certainly looks like white campion from this distance.

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Thank's for the close up pic's hopefully they will self seed and you will end up with load's next year.


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thank you

yes grass is a little long been meaning to plant wild flowers and other meadow plants but started with this grow bag and packet of

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White Campion...

is Silene latifolia. S. uniflora is Sea Campion.