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Unknown eggs

Observed: 30th May 2009 By: Martin Harvey
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possible caddis eggs 004
possible caddis eggs 001
possible caddis eggs 003

I'm assuming that these are the eggs of an invertebrate, but no idea what sort of invertebrate! They were laid on the stem of a poppy, adjacent to our small garden pond.

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horsefly eggs?

Malcom Storey (of Bioimages) advises me that these may be eggs of one of the horsefly species (Diptera, family Tabanidae), and having read up a little on these it does seem a likely answer.

The only horsefly I've ever seen in my garden is Tabanus bromius, and the description of eggs for that genus does match these photos reasonably well, so perhaps that is the answer.

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I saw the same type of eggs

I saw the same type of eggs and wondered about horseflies so thanks for putting them up and for Malcol's identification.

Ian Wallace, UK Trichoptera Recording Scheme

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2009 Title

I don't think there's much doubt, even after all these years.
But there are more now
So why not change the title Martin. Who knows, more people might find it after a Core Edit.
It is an excellent (historical) observation and I just missed its anniversary!
Just trawling Unknowns!