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Fat balls

I've put out some fat balls in my garden for the birds, and have found that they are going mouldy round the outside. The balls haven't been out very long and they do seem to have been pecked at. Is it normal for these balls to go mouldy? Also, the seeds are starting to grow from them! Presumablt this is ok.



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Re Fat Balls

Sounds like you got dodgy old Fat Balls. Ive been using these for years and have never had any of the problems you describe.

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Moldy Fat Balls

Hi, I have had fat balls go moldy too before they've been eaten. Even when I cut them up and only put bits out. I found that if the weather was particularly damp - just damp air not even rain - and there is less air movement that really makes it worse. If they get seriously green I dispose of them and put fresh out or just seed. The visitation rates vary quite a bit in my garden too so I dont put them out all year round becasue they just get left.

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I don't fill up the feeder

I don't fill up the feeder now. I just put one ball in, and I'll put a new one in when that one is nearly eaten.

I've seen a few great and blue tits eating from it, so that's nice to see!!

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Regards, Nick

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Trying to keep the rain off!

I too suffered from the problem of the fat balls going mouldy. I partially solved the problem by putting some clear plastic sheeting above them - they were hanging from a pergola so that was a practical thing to do - this certainly keeps them mainly dry. It also improved things greatly with the feeding trays as well. That solution won't be possible in many situations however. Like Nick, I also decided to add one at a time when they are nearly finished - I was previously filling the smaller feeder with four balls and the larger one with eight or whatever it takes and ended up wasting a lot. Although I also have suet blocks hanging up I've found the fat balls to be particularly popular with the long-tailed tits this winter and have recently bought some of the "special flavours" - peanut seems particularly popular.



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As a computer geek who used to write in binary I know 2 as the ASCII code 00110010. Which is what decimal number? A puzzle for you on these cold snowy nights.

Sorry to digress from an important posting. Personally I throw away any mouldy balls. Some molds can be poisonous, even deadly.

Graham Banwell

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