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Greater Butterfly Orchid

Observed: 15th May 2011 By: Stevejm2009Stevejm2009’s reputation in Plants
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Butterfly Orchids

The key difference between P. bifolia and P. chlorantha is the position of the pollinia - the mass of pollen grains inside the flower. In P. bifolia they are more or less parallel and close together. In P. chlorantha the bases of the polinia are well-separated. This really is almost the only way to tell them apart. I have seen quite small, rather dainty specimens which I thought were probably P. bifolia until I examined the flowers and found that I was wrong and vice versa. They are in fact extremely close genetically. I think it's possible to see on this photo that the pollinia are wide apart making it P. chlorantha. But a clear close up of the flower would make certain.

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