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Can't change my ID photo

Can anyone help? I tried to change my photo according to the instructions. I can manage to delete the old one, but when I try to load the new pic, the old one comes back - even though i've now deleted it from my computer. Any ideas?



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same here

I just tried changing my photo but encountered the same problem.

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How did you attempt to do

How did you attempt to do this? Did you use the edit tab that is on your profile page? If not, then that is what you need to do. If you did do that, at what point did it fail?

Test account

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Sorted itself out

Yes, I used the edit tab. I uploaded one photo but changed my mind, deleted it and uploaded a second. But when I looked at my profile the first photo was still there. I tried several times but it wouldn't appear. But next day, lo and behold, there was the second photo.

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Can't add a profile photo

I tried adding a profile photo a couple of days ago, but immediately deleted it as it looked nothing like the photo I was trying to add! Since then I have tried adding a profile photo, I am told it has been done, and when I go to view the profile photo, it turns out to be the very first photo I had added (the one which didn't look like one of my photos)

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I thought i had the same problem.
What i found out is that you use the edit and the old one comes back again.
I logged off and logged back on again and it had updated and carried out all the selections i had adjusted.
I have no idea why this is so but it needs some kind of re-set that takes place when you log off and log on again.