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Observed: 20th December 2009 By: kcf32
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course completeShropshire Wildlife Trust
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Buzzard perched then in flight showing the characteristic "v" formation of its wings.

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White flank?

Shape, size and wing pattern seem Ok, but I didn't expect to see what may be a white flank patch. Is this a juvenile?

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Plumage is variable.

Common Buzzards are very variable in plumage at all ages, with the white undertail and belly (not flanks) shown by this individual not unusual.
It is not possible to determine the age of this bird from these photos. Adult Common Buzzards show an obvious, broad black terminal band on the tail & a broad trailing edge to the wing (both lacking in juveniles - and older birds that have yet to moult their juvenile flight feathers).

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Plumage is variable

Thank you for this information. When the question was posted I started to look at my field guides. They were not helpful except to point out that buzzards vary in colour, nothing about adult/juvenile plumage.