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Common Frog

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This frog is now living in my garden (my neighbour's filling in his pond and didn't want this creature!)

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His loss -

Is your gain!
What a shame, though, garden ponds are a really important resource for all sorts of wildlife.

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I completely agree with you.

I completely agree with you. The previous owner of the property was very proud of the pond and we used to hear many frogs croaking during the breeding season. However, the pond had been neglected since the new man moved in last summer and now he decided he didn't want it. He told us he doesn't know anything about wildlife (but surely he could learn!) and he'd rather put up a shed to sit in. We just stopped him in time from getting a workman to attack the hedge with a chainsaw as there are nesting birds in it! He's promised to leave the hedge until the autumn.

The neighbours on the other side of us have got rid of their pond too so there are even less resources for wildlife. We have a pond and a smaller water feature but I don't think many other people around here have them.

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There are frequent scare stories -

About small children drowning in garden ponds, which doesn't help. But there are ways around this.
They're a bit too big for the tadpoles to eat, anyway...