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Pocket plum gall on blackthorn

Observed: 12th May 2011 By: Malcolm FraserMalcolm Fraser’s reputation in Fungi and Lichens
Pocket plum gall on blackthorn

Pocket plum gall on blackthorn fruit. Many infected fruits in the area, some much longer and elongated, banana-like.


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host is probably P. cerasifera based on green, non-spiny twigs, long fruit stalks and oval fruit shape. Redfern et al record T. pruni from P. spinosa and P. domestica. P. domestica is supposed to be a hybrid between P. spinosa and P. cerasifera, so P. cerasifera as a host would not be so surprising.

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Yes of course it's not sloes, I didn't look at the picture properly. That tree is in a line of blackthorn bushes which made me jump to the wrong conclusion - thanks!