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dead gorse

In our area of Nottinghamshire, large numbers of gorse appear to have died.
Is this a local issue?
Can anyone explain it?



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are they old plants or plants

are they old plants or plants of all ages. there are some things that eat gorse, mites for example, think i put an observation of these on ispot somewhere. in some parts of the world they would be very glad of gorse dieing as its a major pest so they might be interested to know what is causing the dieback too.

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It sems to be a problem all over the country.
Did Gorse suffer from last winter?

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It has recovered in Creswell Craggs and is in flower now (late November) so it will be back!
It did look a bit weak in the summer.


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Second visit

I have visited it again and it had been dieing but now it is as strong as ever after we thought we had lost it. Have a look at all the dead branches and the new growth now that it has recovered.
We are not that far north of Nottingham.


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that is interesting, did you

that is interesting, did you check for the mites
during the summer?

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It just looked sad

I did not check for mites. It did not draw much attention as there was a mass of cumfry with thousands of bees to look at just feet away....


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I have seem them a lot around

I have seem them a lot around where I am and they are fine, it must be just local problem..