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Meadow grass

Observed: 18th May 2011 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in Plants
18.5.11 037 Poa annua probably

This looks like annual meadow-grass to me, but the number of panicle branches don't fit with the descriptions in my books: "1-4 branches at each node" or "the branches solitary or paired, rarely 3 together" or "lowest panicle-node with 1-2(3) branches - this plant has 5 branches on both the two lowest nodes. But it doesn't seem to fit anything else.

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So sorry about inadequate photo!

I agree! Best I could do with this camera though - I am getting closer and closer to buying a better one. (I also want a binocular microscope... greedy!)
Useful to know it doesn't look like annua though. I thought the wrinkled leaves were a strong indication that it was annua (admittedly that doesn't show up at all well in the photo)- neither does the colour which looked right too. I shall look for more!

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perhaps not phrased as well

perhaps not phrased as well as I could - meant you'd need to show other characters such as presence of rhiozomes, length of top ligule, hairs present on auricles, etc. to tell which species. A plant in the hand is much easier than one on the web

Tim Rich

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no offence taken!

I knew what you meant - I just want an excuse to buy a better camera.

Thanks for taking the time to look at it, horrible picture that it was!