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Myosotis arvensis (Field Forgetmenot)

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Myosotis arvensis - Field Forgetmenot 01
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not convinced, flowers look

not convinced, flowers look too big - sylvatica?

Tim Rich

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Me too

I thought the flowers looked too flat for arvensis - I found a plant yesterday that I thought was arvensis, with cup-shaped small flowers as in the descriptions, but it didn't key out right as it had adpressed hairs on the flowering stems (spreading below) - but it seemed much too big for ramosissima. So I gave up!

This one looks more like sylvatica to me (lots of those in my garden, and they are quite variable in size, with later flowers smaller, but the same flat shape).

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can't think of a title

I added my revision before I noticed these comments. Anyhow, I agree!