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A more difficult Bee

Observed: 15th May 2011 By: HildesviniHildesvini’s reputation in InvertebratesHildesvini’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Sorry, my pictures are not very illustrative. I am going to go for Bombus pratorum again because I have read that the middle yellow band is sometimes missing but really I haven't got a clue. Thanks for looking.

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White tailed cuckoo bumble bees

We are just finishing a local Bumblebee atlas at the moment so have had lots of run in's with cuckoo bumbles. We don't have the range of species seen in the south but the white tailed cuckoos can be a real pain to ID, especially the females -especially if they are worn i.e. spring. Fresh males like your photos are better, sylvestris males also have very distinctive genetalia which you can see in the field with a hand lense, it also helps that males don't sting. Dont try this if your not sure of the sex though. Edwards and Jenner Bumbled of Great Britain will help and it's not that expensive. Check out the BWARS website photo gallery which might also help.