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Observed: 25th May 2009 By: Rob ColemanRob Coleman’s reputation in PlantsRob Coleman’s reputation in Plants

quite a bit of this growing in the dunes

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I told you it wasn't

I told you it wasn't Horehound

National Recorder for Terrestrial Heteroptera (shieldbugs & allies)

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No, Horehound is in a totally

No, Horehound is in a totally different family - Lamiaceae (mint family). Hound's-tongue is in the Boraginaceae (Borage family).

University of Edinburgh and Biodiversity Observatory (OU)

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The leaves were thought to look like a dog's tongue, hence the name. Also, because of this people thought it could cure dog bites. If you don't like dogs put some in your shoe and it will deter them coming close - I've tried this one but it did not stop my two dogs slobbering all over me!

Graham Banwell

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