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Observed: 1st May 2011 By: to457
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Group of swans near the lake at our local park, by number and maturity these appear to be breeding pair and last years cygnets.

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The Young Ones

agreed, most are juvenile still, the beaks will turn orange when they reach maturity after 3 or 4 years.

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Re. The young ones

That's what I expected Thomas, however the little snippets of info I've managed to find re. swan maturity suggest that at 1 year old the beak would still be grey or pink and that the orange beak comes with full maturity at circa 3 years.
It's certainly the first time I've seen the cygnets return here the following spring though, if indeed they are the previous years' brood.

Edit: I see you've edited your comment while I was replying - think we may have read the same info!

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Cool group.

Certainly a nice sight to see so many together - if a little daunting!

Ha ha - the joys of online forums :)