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Various Fungi

Observed: 18th November 2009 By: marilynm
Waxy orange mushroom - id help?
Brown parasol - id help?
Black cups
Brown clump fungi

Several fungi were growing in a garden adjoining agricultural land. the garden has a well developed shrubbery and tree-lined boundary. Some were growing inthe leaf litter and mulch, others in the grass.


No identification made yet.

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No2. is Laccaria proximia

No2. is Laccaria proximia No3. is Peziza sp and no4. is Lepista inversa

Colin Jacobs.
Wild Flower Society member

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It would be better if..........

It would be better if you could separate these fungi by adding them as individual spots rather than putting them into one post. Also pictures of the underside of caps are very helpful in identifying fungi.