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Observed: 15th May 2011 By: zxc
damselfly 1

in reeds

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A tricky one!

Although it is not immediately clear from the photos, this is an immature male Red-eyed Damselfly (now often called Large Red-eyed to avoid confusion with the similar Small Red-eyed Damselfly, E. viridulum.

The damselfly looks very dark in these photos, and the similarity with female demoiselles is noticeable. The slightly metallic looking bronzy sheen is often seen in Red-eyed though, and if you look closely the paler terminal segments of the abdomen can just about be made out (these turn blue as it matures).
An important feature that confirms that this is not a demoiselle is the venation in the wings. Demoiselles have much denser wing veins, including numerous cross veins along the leading edge of the wing between the node (at the mid point) and the body (the top part of the wings nearest the body in these photos). Other damselflies don't have numerous cross veins in this region, as can be seen in this one.

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A tricky one for sure!

Thanks for the description there. Can see all the points you mention in the pictures. I did think that it looked small for a demoiselle (or on a very large hand) and am very happy to be corrected.