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Lestes Emerald damselfly

Observed: 13th June 2004 By: miked
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Lestes Emerald damselfly
Lestes Emerald damselfly 1
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Not convinced about the female.

I am fairly sure that the male is L.dryas, because in addition to the thick pterostigma mentioned by Peter, there is extensive green coloring extending onto the lateral lobes of the pronotum, the green markings on the second abdomen segment seem fairly square (as far as can be seen) and, although they are far from clear, the inferior appendages definately give the impresion of being 'heavy' at the tip. (I have agreed with the ID posted on because I believe that it is correct for the male).

The female I am far less certain of...
The lateral lobes of the pronotum seem to lack any green, the pterostigma seem a touch longer, and (to my eyes) it doesn't seem quite bulky enough (females of both species have thicker abdomens than the males). The shape of the markings on the second abdomen segment, and the length of the ovipositor cannot be seen clearly. This one may be dryas, but I would tend to lean towards Lestes sponsa (Common Emerald Damselfly) for the female.

Thompson Common is a known site for both species.

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I'd spent ages looking at the

I'd spent ages looking at the photos too and could not come to a definitive conclusion so had them down as Lestes sp. I have a couple of other photos taken at the same place same time of Lestes but don't suppose they will help as both species occur there.