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Observed: 27th April 2006 By: 123abc5gt
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Three plants

If you could submit them seperately, they could each have an ID! The first is very small - possible a Willowherb (Epilobium sp), the second looks like a Peony and the third a Cotoneaster.

Sarah Patton

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I agree

I just tried to say exactly the same, but hit the wrong button and lost it!

Second picture also has something else around the peony (the long thin leaves) but can't for the life of me remember what it's called, except that (if it is that) I've got one with the variety name 'Garnet'. Not that that is very helpful.

Edit: I meant Penstemon.

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Probably Hebe...

...rather than Penstemon. Although the foliage is similar, there looks to be too much of a woody framework behind the leaves.

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Was about

I was just about to say this but you have both done it,I agree that there is something else on pic two and one is a type of willowherb.


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I did wonder about hebe too

Probably right - I was so annoyed I couldn't remember the name Penstemon, I didn't think much further of anything else. Bad excuse!