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Droppings & Bones - what was here?

Observed: 16th May 2011 By: SandiMegSandiMeg’s reputation in Mammals
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large collection of (probably) fish bones, frog skeletons & droppings behind a pile of stones in a farm outbuilding right beside a pond.

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Brown rat

the dropping are that of a rat and they do eat frogs and they like to eat under shelter so they would bring them into the barn

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Unlikely to be rat droppings...

Upon closr inspection of the droppings (applying pressure) they disintegrate into dust, just like a bat dropping. They also have insect exoskeleton remains inside.

The droppings were not found on the floor, but on the top of a wall, near an open window.

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Another option?

After a bit more research it seems these could be Water Vole droppings.

The size and shape are on the money, without a doubt. Brown rat droppings are far larger and less consistent in shape.

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I agree with Derek these look like rat droppings. The site, in an old farm building and the presence of bones also indicate rat. water voles are vegetarians, they eat grass so there would be no animal remains. Also consider these are desiccated so would crumble and look smaller than expected as all the water has evaporated from them.

Graham Banwell

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