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Hello to all at Ispot,I would like to firstly thank everybody for their help and say how much I enjoy the photos, and ensueing id process threads.
Can I suggest a badge for overseas observations as sometimes commentators only realise my posts are from Ireland ,after spending some time trying to id something.

Happy Christmas to everybody




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Hi foxy, thanks for that. I think it would be good to have some way of flagging up overseas observations, and we are due to carry out some development work on the geographical aspects of iSpot in the new year.

iSpot is really intended for use in Britain and Ireland at the moment (well, mostly Britain I suppose, although there is enough overlap between the speces in Britain and in Ireland for both to be included I think). We don't prevent people uploading observations from elsewhere, but the expertise and resources of the site are concentrated on Britain and Ireland.

So when overseas observations are posted it would be good if they were more obviously highlighted in some way, so we'll see what we can do.

Happy Christmas to you as well, and to other iSpot users!

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