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Observed: 13th May 2011 By: voivodatavoivodata’s reputation in Invertebratesvoivodata’s reputation in Invertebratesvoivodata’s reputation in Invertebrates

Any suggestions about the identity of this bee would be welcomed.

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Bombus sylvarum

An endangered species in the UK - a good find to be sure. The Thames gateway is one of only a small hadful of places wher it can now be found. Gone are the days when Vic Chambers noted in Bedfordshire: "The commonest bumblebee in the county"

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Bombus sylvarum

Thanks for the identification and comments. I have just moved into a new house which had a small 'low maintenance' garden given over to nothing but gravel and flagstone paving. Having immediately started to introduce tubs and hanging baskets with bee and butterfly friendly plants, its good to see that in just one month it is already paying dividends and starting to attract a variety of species. It gives me fresh impetus now to plant up the gravel area with herbs and other nectar plants and keep on recording what turns up at the new 'feeding station'! Living at the edge of the Bishopstone Cliffs SSSI which I understand is home to some interesting Bees & Wasps adds to the excitement of what may stop off to feed here!