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More Finches

Observed: 25th February 2011 By: WilliamBWilliamB’s reputation in BirdsWilliamB’s reputation in Birds
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A beautiful Goldfinch and an equally beautiful male Bullfinch.
I had such a lot of Finches visiting my feeders earlier in the year. Then my neighbours started letting their kitten out and of course it's breeding season.

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As well as ...

millions af birds there are also milions of small mammals. This is a hobbyhorse of mine - they should be kept on the owners property, fenced garden or no garden confined to the house or flat. I have said this to owners and they say it is cruel, I say so you shouldn't keep a cat then !!

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You're so right Roger. I've had this argument too. Dog owners are responsible for what their dogs do. So it should the same for cat owners. Wildlife haven't got a say in it. Who protects them? You can't do a thing to a cat or you get a heavy fine or even prison or both.

Apologies Ophrys, I forgot about the Greenfinch on my first picture and I thought being as they were all in the same picture, why put them on three times? You'd probably still identify them as three finches in one picture.