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Fruticose on a plane tree in urban S.E London

Observed: 17th November 2009 By: melanie
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
Fruticose on plane tree

Fruticose on a plane tree


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Assuming you are referring to the light blue-green lichen in the center, they look foliose to me?


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Foliose 2

I agree with Erwyn - they are leafy looking rather than twiggy. My first guess is that they are one of the Parmelias or Punctelias (from a quick look at the OPAL guide, which suggests that the undersurfce would be black). Nearer the top left there may also be a smaller lobed Physcia, though it is not very clear.

I have been having nightmares with lichen ID as so many are very similar and it is difficult to get decent photographs that experts would accept. It might be worth opening your image with MS Office Picture Manager and using the Crop function in the Picture menu to try to get an enlargement of the clearest lobes (trail and error, as they will blurr eventually). Often this can narrow the ID options down considerably.

It might also be worth clipping out some of the crustose lichen that is there as well, and publishing it separately

Good luck with this if you decide to try