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A type of animal spit

Observed: 15th May 2011 By: S.D.C.B.RS.D.C.B.R’s reputation in Birds
a type of animal spit

In the plants in the garden I found this small amout of white spit and could't be certain what it was. It was on the branch of a bush at around the hieght of a meter high. I found it amongst a cluster of flowers and leaves just balencing on the branch of the bush.

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Hi Chloe, yes this is known

Hi Chloe, yes this is known as cuckoo spit. It is produced by the froghopper nymph which protects itself from predators and dehydration in a coating of froth, before emerging as an adult.

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Hello, Thanks for the identification. It's very interesting and thank you very much for the description.