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Mammalian poo

Observed: 9th May 2011 By: macaddermacadder’s reputation in Mammals
mammalian droppings
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The sloppy texture -

suggests badger, but (a) they tend to dig latrines, and (b) it's a bit small.
Possible hedgehog, but quite a few cats seem to have given up on the burying business (down our street one defecates on the only bit of grass where the kids can play football!), and if they are given the more expensive cat foods, they can also produce sloppy faeces.

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I think I agree with Roger, this is likely to be a cat. Most wild animals would not produce such sloppy feces; badger do but usually after eating watery foods like berries and then the feces are coloured by the berries.

Graham Banwell

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mammalian poo

Thanks. I never thought of cats. But I have always found cat poo to be smelly when I have dug it up in the vegetable plot. I will keep an eye open but there must be hordes of them as we can find up to three lots a night! I will report back with any further observations.

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We have also had the same problem ever since we moved into our house. (Hertfordshire) For several months we suspected cats, so we tried to scare them off, to no avail. Then today after some intensive Google hunt we bumped into something we would never have thought of: earthworm castings. That would explain why we have never seen the culprit, and also why it is odourless.
Could this be the solution?