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Observed: 14th May 2011 By: rachael-richrachael-rich’s reputation in Birds

Large brown bird with very distinctive speckled breast.

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Species with which Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus) interacts


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Song Thrush?

Rachel there are no pictures accompanying your observations; I’m assuming you didn’t upload any, if this is not the case you can click on the Edit tab for the observation and try again. Be aware that it can take some time for the upload process to happen and newcomers are often caught out by this.

It is not necessary to have photos to participate (though it is useful) but your descriptions need to be pretty good for someone to agree with you (actually I think this is a good thing, makes us think about what we are seeing more – useful when we see something unusual).

Your description of a nuthatch in another observation was good enough for me to agree, it couldn’t be much else however why is this one not a song thrush?

Hope this helps.