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Observed: 15th May 2011 By: miked
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beasties moving around at a great rate, very difficult to get any kind of shot. ruby tailed wasp? after looking on the BWARS website its clear that these are quite tricky to identify. they were around these tubes (chimneys?) made out of the sandy soil and other holes in the soil in an old tarmac works with loads of piles of sand etc around.

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wasp and cuckoo wasp

Mike, I agree that your cuckoo wasp looks a good match for Chrysis viridula, although as you say the Chrysididae can be difficult to identify. C. viridula is a parasitoid of wasps in the genus Odynerus, which construct the type of 'chimney' that is shown in your third photo, so this all ties in. I think Odynerus spinipes is the most likely candidate for the host, but the other species in the genus construct smaller chimneys as well.

I don't know the chrysidids well enough to be able to provide 100% confirmation of your identification but I can't see any reason for it not to be correct. Gorgeous photos!

As a general point for anyone using iSpot, it is best if you can put something into the title of your observations to indicate what type of creature it is, rather than just a code number. The observation may get overlooked if people don't realise what type of thing it is from the title.

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