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French moth

Observed: 11th August 2007 By: biggsy02biggsy02’s reputation in Invertebratesbiggsy02’s reputation in Invertebrates
french moth

small distinctive coloured moth

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Papillon de nuit

Butterfly of the night.

Pretty moth, especially when its wings are fully open.

Sam, Student.

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night and day

This moth often flies by day, which I was told means it is a papillon de nuit du jour (unless my leg was being pulled at the time ...)!

Entomologist and biological recorder

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Ha ha ha ha ha

Still a more pretty descriptive title than moth.

(are we allowed to say pretty, I know its not scientific or academic)

Sam, Student.

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This is a lovely moth - I saw

This is a lovely moth - I saw loads of these in France this year too...also really difficult to photograph as they are so flighty, so well done!

Rob Coleman

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pretty - please!

Hi Sam,
I think you are definitely allowed to say 'pretty'.
Some of the greatest scientists were drawn to the subject because of their admiration for natural beauty.