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Observed: 14th May 2011 By: Didor
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A strange record

Supposedly this is from Auchenmalg, Wigtownshire, but how come a very local alpine of limestone rocks is being recorded from the Wigtownshire coast without any comment or explanation?

Clicking the location, Google maps tells us this is out in Luce Bay. Is there a boat moored out there with plant pots?

Hopefully this does not mean that someone is illegally planting alpines at Auchenmalg, a site important for its native flora. I note that another observation from the same site is a garden primrose of some sort, with bare soil around its base.

To repeat, the issue I have here is that a very strange observation is posted without any further details.

Alan Silverside
(vc recorder, Wigtownshire)

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Same day

Curiously, I see that the poster also took photographs in Switzerland on the same day ...

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Apologies if there is

Apologies if there is confusion. This was taken in Switzerland at about 2000m near Zermatt

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Apologies location now

Apologies location now corrected. Thanks for pointing out!

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Thanks for the clarification

Saves me from making a trip to Auchenmalg to check for rogue plantings.

(Except that Auchenmalg is a rather nice to go anyhow and needs re-recording.)