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How easy to tell apart

How easy is it to tell from ordinary Lousewort? (I can see the distinctions in the book, but was it easy to tell the difference?)

You've found some lovely plants recently!

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Too easy it seems!

As you can see from the revision, this is another example of a plant that I have mis-identified in the past and then continued in my ignorance thereafter.

That is what is great about iSpot. The community of people with more experience soon put you right.

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And I was all convinced it was Marsh Lousewort, as the upper lip teeth looked just like the picture in Rose. So now I'm confused again!

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I need to look again

All the plants in the area are very compact (as shown in the photo). Having looked at the text description, there are a couple of things to look for that are not obvious from the pictures in the book.

I think that I need to take the book out with me more often and to ignore the pictures and use the text descriptions more.

I will try to get a picture that shows the number of teeth on the upper lip and add it to the page.

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Two teeth

Definitely 2 teeth, one on each side of the upper lip. Rose says Marsh Lousewort has 4.

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I agree

... but the picture in Rose of Marsh Lousewort shows 2 teeth (on the same side) and looks just like your photo (where presumably we can see both teeth, one each side). Drawings and photos can be confusing! I think I'd be able to tell which was which now though - and I've not seen an actual lousewort plant since summer last year.

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I went to look at a couple of plants this afternoon and the two projections on the photo are a tooth on the side facing the camera and (I think) the stigma poking out of the lip higher up. I agree, this then looks kust like the Rose picture.