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Unknown Spider

Observed: 14th May 2011 By: devilnin

Me and my dad found this spider whilst lifting up some paving stones. It was quite large and had a large abdomen as you can see in the picture. It was black but with a small tint of red on the abdomen. In the picture you can see its web, it was like a layer of web which it could hide under. I am not at all sure what this species is, so if anyone knows comment! Please Helppp!

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DO you think it was outside

DO you think it was outside all winter so survived the very cold conditions or could it have been indoors then moved to where you found it?

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I think it stayed outside all winter

Hi there, I think it might of been under the paving stone all winter and as we moved it, we disturbed the spider.


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Hi there, I looked this up and I think it could be it, thankyou! When we were photographing the spider, it didn't appear to have any pattern on its abdomen. However, whilst I was looking up steatoda, I found a species called Steatoda Grossa which has no pattern on it at all.

Thanks for your help

(We are in the very south of the UK, between Winchester and Southampton.)

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I think S. grossa is the most

I think S. grossa is the most likely, especially given your location, though some specimens have light coloured triangles on the abdomen.

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Ok thankyou!

Ok thankyou!