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Brown Rat

Observed: 13th May 2011 By: gino.brignoli
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Did you know the evidence for the rat being responsible for spreading the black death is not conclusive? In the middle ages it was rife in Iceland - but they have no rats.

There are some who say the black death in the 14th century wasn't even bubonic plague but could have been anthrax brought by the sheep which were being introduced to replace strip farming. If so it is ironic that the peasants were kicked off their farms to be replaced by far more profitable sheep, who then brought a disease which solved the problem of revolting, homeless peasants by killing them off.

A coincidence or a deliberate ploy by the ruling aristocracy? When this conspiracy theory makes it as big as 'the second shooter on the grassy knoll' remember, you read about it here first!

Graham Banwell

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Revolting peasant

I love your fascinating comments.
I've always been a revolting peasant and would not want to be anything else.

Helen Taylor