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A strange red tree thing

Observed: 14th May 2011 By: peaceloveepeacelovee’s reputation in Plants

I found this in my grandparents garden. I think it's a grape vine??

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What did it say on the label?

Other than 'grow your own'...

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It actually didn't say what

It actually didn't say what it was!

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Very helpful!

Well it does look like some sort of vine. I presume the red stuff is grafting wax, to seal a graft between two plants - the base plant may be stronger-growing (or possibly dwarfing) or resistant to disease, and the top plant will produce the flowers or fruit that the grower wants.

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I have just noticed...

Close-up of the full photo shows the label to say 'Riesling Grap...' Riesling being a wine, and Grap... being the beginning of grape, I think you have your answer!

(Presumably this thread has been woken up by martinjohnbishop adding an agreement to the id. For some reason, I decided to look at the picture again - why on earth I didn't look properly the first time, I've no idea!)

Enjoy the wine! One day, maybe...

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Just got to Vitales

while going through my Angiosperm pictures.