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Observed: 14th May 2011 By: nature_thicko
flower (2)
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plz figure this out!!!

plz figure this out!!!

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just realised clematis is common, didnt know that though!

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Nothing wrong with common things

Common things are a sensible place to start - if you know the common ones, it's easier to know when you've found something unusual.

What's wrong with learning?! Everyone has to start somewhere, and far better that than not bother at all. Be kinder to yourself - maybe nature-newbie or nature-learner?

I've been learning plants for years, but still managed to think that a paint-pellet was a plant gall... But the people who make no mistakes don't learn anything, and miss the fun of trying.

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k thx

not being hard on myself or anything, just my name says it all really