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Observed: 15th December 2009 By: madasyernanmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birdsmadasyernan’s reputation in Birds

Unsure of this bird. Did think it may be part of the Turdidae family, but its back has speckled markings unlike the song Thrush or others. Any help please

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Mistle Thrush

Looks more like a Meadow Pipit note the heavy streaking at the top of the breast and also a Mistle Thrush does not have a a black line going across the eye though neither does the Meadow pipit

How big was the bird was it blackbird size or smaller.

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Despite comments to the contrary, this is most definitely a Meadow Pipit, although size is difficult to judge with no other guide in the picture. Redwings have a very strongly marked supercilium,and breast streaks extend onto the throat. The red underwing would be visible on the flanks.

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Delete my comment after a second lok at the bird.

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I would agree with meadow pipit because of the strong blackish stripe through the eye, which I don't think song or mistle thrushes have...?


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It was smaller than a blackbird, but not by much.
Thank you for your help.

I need a telephoto lens I think. oo christmas.

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i agree

I agree its a meadow pipit, the thrushes mentioned both have much stronger (darker) markings around the eye,cheek,ear, throat areas.