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Yellow composite - a Hawk's-beard I think

Observed: 13th May 2011 By: ChalkieChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in PlantsChalkie’s reputation in Plants
13.5.11 crepis 005
13.5.11 crepis 005 1

Found growing at a bus-stop on my way home. I am determined to be able to get further than just 'yellow composite', but it takes a bit of pulling things apart, and then they don't quite seem to fit the descriptions.
Achenes are about 4mm long excluding beak, about 8mm including beak. Flower-heads about 15mm before they shrivelled up, outer ligules pinkish-orange below, quite a light yellow above.

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Yes, you see this variation in C. vesicaria, no problem at all.

Good to see the achenes being checked, as variants of C. capillaris are often claimed as C. vesicaria.


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Thank you

Really helpful - once again!