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Mating damselflies at Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve

Observed: 9th May 2011 By: gardenersassistantgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebrates

As they are mating I assume these are the same species, despite the difference in colour. Is the blue one the male?

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Blue Male

Hi Nick, yes the blue one is the male. They look like common blues (Enallagma cyathigerum) nice pic by the way!

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Female Common Blue colours...

Yes, in this photo the female is the duller, brownish one.

Males are always the blue and black colour (once mature - they are brownish when they first emerge).
Mature females can be blue like the males, or brown/green colours.