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Lacewing at Portbury Wharf Nature Reserve

Observed: 9th May 2011 By: gardenersassistantgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebratesgardenersassistant’s reputation in Invertebrates
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Thanks Wildpad

Thanks Wildpad. Just so any lurking photo enthusiasts know, these images (and the others I have submitted recently) were "rough cuts" done to permit initial shortlisting for an event at the nature reserve (to which I am a newcomer) at the end of the month, with smoother versions of selected images then being produced for printing and display at the event (and hence the need for the IDs - I am almost totally clueless about the names of things I'm afraid).

Working now on the shortlisted items I realise how variable the quality of the rough cuts was. But the lacewing (if that is what it is) is a beautiful creature, and that brightly shines through any photographic imperfections. Thanks again.


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