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Book hunt!

I'm looking for a copies of Michael Chinery's Insects of Britain and Western Europe but it's out of print and hard to get ahold of. I've ordered it from a number of places online that have stated they have a copy, only to find that they don't actually have a copy. I was just wondering if anyone knew where I could definitely get a copy for OPAL NE's use?

Fingers crossed!



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Second Hand?

Would second hand copies be acceptable? ABE seems to have some available, at rather steep prices however:



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Amazon.co.uk seem to have plenty available - though at about £28 I find that horribly steep for a book that was first put together in 1986 and just reprinted when needed ever since.

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eBay are quite good as some second hand stores put them on there.I have got ones on grasses,sedges for £10 and it was £28 on Amazon,plus got a couple of good insect book's much cheaper too,just put in the title and hopefully there will be one out there.All second hand but in good condition.

Good hunting


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Natural History Specialist Books

Our work keeps this nature site and charity work ongoing including work with schools and Rights of Way. Large selection of new and used titles

Natural History Specialist selection Birds Wild Flowers Insects Fungi etc including the Collins Guides search under key term or see our own site


or search "insects" etc


I recommend Readers reference series Digest woodlands . Wildlife On Your Doorstep ; Seashore ; Riverbank; Seasons plus others these are nicely illustrated with lots of information. . Also AA Book of The Countryside is a Gem whislt generalist they are jammed packed full of illustrations

Also the Collins Pocket Series Fieldguide on Birds , Wild Flowers and Fungi are all essential and useful stuff . Wild Flowers and Birds in particular

VIDEO REVIEWS are now on the page for some of the books SEE for yourself

Best Wishes


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This may be too late but...........

I had also been after this book to keep as ive been holding on the college's library copy for a while and am expecting it to have it prised out my fingers any second!
Like you checked everywhere on line, even second hand copies are expensive.
I took the kids to the National Trust property St Michaels mount today, guess what they had on their sale table selling for a fiver......yes Chinery!!!!! They also had all the others in the series, (trees, complete wildlife, etc)i dont know if you could buy them on their website?

jennifer powell