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IOC Bird List

The IOC has the European stonechat as S. rubicola, S. torquatus is the African stonechat, and torquata is reputedly an incorrect female version of the latin torquatus

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The RSPB, Collins Bird Guide

The RSPB, Collins Bird Guide 2nd Edition, Svensson, HarperCollins, 2009 (which has proved to be up to date on name changes (so far)) and Birds of the World Recommended English Names, Gill&Wright, Helm, 2006 all have it down as S. torquata


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A rose by any other name ...

It's a Stonechat.

I'm losing faith with scientific names since several seem to have been changed relatively recently. They used to transcend language barriers but they seem to be getting confusing. Someone even corrected my Blue Tit from my old Collins Parus caeruleus to it's latest handle, Cyanistes caeruleus. It was still clearly a Blue Tit.

If the Germans suddenly stopped calling a Chiffchaff "ZilpZalp", would we care? No, it'd still be a Chiffchaff.

Must get a new Collins. :))