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Observed: 12th December 2009 By: se898
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - current student
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Large number both seen and heard during point count observation, both in trees and on the ground. Males, females and immature males, still with dark bills.

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Wrong photo!

I have no doubt at all that the observation is correct - especially as you obviously know that the 1st year males don't have yellow bills (also look for the browner wings which are retained juvenile feathers).

The photo with the observation shows one of the American Blackbird though (Brewer's Blackbird). These species were called blackbirds due to their similarity to the European species, but are not closely related to the Thrushes).

Note - this is not meant to be a critism, not everyone is able to take photographs of birds, and I can understand the wish to illustrate an observation with a picture!
Remember that not everyone means the same species when 'common' names, such as 'Blackbird' are used.

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Thanks for the comment Roy W, I would have loved to have been able to post my own photos, but our digital camera isn't working, keep getting a "write error" message, and haven't had time to take it to be fixed. The photo added was obtained via a google search for "photos of blackbirds". Glad you agree with the description, Sue.

sue evans

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To avoid confusion

To avoid confusion it is generally helpful to reference that it isn't your own photograph. As Roy says you don't need to take your own photographs, especially if you have made good ID notes.