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Parasites of Knot Grass

Observed: 23rd June 2007 By: DavidHowdon
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Parasites from the Knot Grass shown at http://ispot.org.uk/node/14450. Pictures show the larva emerging from the caterpillar and details of the adult parasite.
There is a video of the larvae at http://youtu.be/uTUKQgtGrFc

    Likely ID
    Cotesia ofella
    Confidence: I'm as sure as I can be.
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Cotesia images

I can't confirm the id myself, though I belive it was previously in the genus Apanteles (family Braconidae) - very clear photos and good id work - not an easy group.

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Previous names

In my recording software (MapMate) I cannot find Cotesia ofella. You suggestion makes we wonder if Apanteles ofelia is the same species by an older name.

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Apanteles or Cotesia?

Hi David,

Cotesia ofella is given in the 2009 checklist at: www.nhm.ac.uk/resources-rx/files/braconidae-checklist-final-34139.pdf

It shows Apanteles as a previous/alternative name (it's used in the old RES Kloet & Hincks checklist) - it's not yet been published in hard copy by the RES so I guess there's been some taxonomic revision and MapMate hasn't been updated yet.


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MapMate actually has ofelia (with an i as the penultimate letter) not ofella as the specific name. Possibly just a typo as ofelia is not anywhere in that checklist (even as a synonym).

I've emailed the MapMate support address about it.

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I hope you don't mind me

I hope you don't mind me butting in here but it's interesting to read the comments about nomenclature and checklists. Quite a few people have said that they would like the MapMate checklists to be updated so I'd suggest you get in touch with the MapMate guy(s). If enought people ask then the current checklists will hopefully be incorporated. The Hymenoptera checklists are freely available (not all sections yet though). The RES will not publish them (because they are freely available!) so I was wondering if there is much call for printed checklists. Does anybody want a hard copy Hymenoptera checklist?

Gavin Broad

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Hard Copy

I don't need a hard copy but the link provided above on the NHM website is now broken. Do you know where the current version is?

I did contact MapMate as you suggest. I know number of people asking for something is one of the factors used by MapMate in deciding what to prioritise so it is always worth asking even if you know someone else has done so.

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Sorry about the broken link;

Sorry about the broken link; I must have changed the name when uploading a newer version. The correct url is http://www.nhm.ac.uk/resources-rx/files/braconidae-checklist-for-web-341...

The RES have now decided that they will after all publish a print version of the Hymenoptera checklist, which I am now finalising. The online version will be maintained in a Scratchpad and will be continually updated.


Gavin Broad

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that is helpful. Just have to find some more parasitised critters now.