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Ragged Robin

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Growing on the edge of a pond

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Yes I am certain

Not sure what happened to the "confidence" in my revision above. It should, and did, read "As sure as can be".


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To annoy even more I got my wrist slapped by a couple of the experts for saying Latin name as they insisted it was scientific as a lot of the names are Latin and Greek.I still cannot understand this as on all my horticultural book's the names are in Latin plus I was taught that it was Latin at horticultural college even though it was quite a few years ago I was unaware of this change,so is it true or not or is it a thorny subject amongst the expert's.



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I suggest the 'experts' are being a bit too 'expert' here. Yes, many of the words are derived from ancient Greek, other languages, anagrams and in one case the name of a pet guinea pig. However, the words are transformed into Latin and given correct Latin grammar, declensions, gender endings and so on. They may not be Latin as was spoken by the inhabitants of ancient Rome, but in effect they are Latin.

On the other hand, "scientific name" is much more vague and could, for example, refer to codes for individual plants in DNA databases or other types of scientific naming.

I think you have the right to slap the experts back.

Alan S.

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Heartily agree with above comments

Old habits die hard.

Hazel Trevan