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Last week we noticed swallows had arrived in our area, then yesterday two flew into our garage and started refurbishing a nest used last year.
Last year there were five chicks safely reared.
I have a camera on the nest and will post update photographs on this entry when there are , hopefully, eggs and then chicks.
Would it be the same pair returning??

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I think so

I have six pairs of swallows and I am sure it is the same one's that come back each year,such a mazing bird's to watch,mine are all in old barns and if my front door is open they sometimes fly in and out of the house.


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Not sure about swallows -

but when I had the BTO lads ringing birds in a nature reserve I looked after in Worcestershire years ago, ring data showed that great tits and pied flycatchers regularly returned to the same nest boxes.
We tried to avoid telling visitors (we had a "rent-a-nest" scheme) that in some cases a parent had disappeared, and mummy or daddy had set up home with one of their own young...

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Don't know what to say so my years of thinking they were monogamous happy families has been shattered.



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I assume that swallows

are unaware of human ethics regarding incest... Whilst in-breeding is not good for a species, as long as they are successfully raising chicks, I suppose they could be regarded as "happy".
I believe that male birds of several species are often polygamous, having more than one family on the go in most summers. That must be exhausting work!