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Observed: 11th May 2011 By: Thomas J. Richardson
S159 Neighbourhood Nature - course complete
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Thanks Chalkie, this part of the spectrum gives me a headache!
Could you do me a favour please and compare my photo with these 2 pictures:

It looks to me like a germander speedwell but the colour of a wood speedwell.

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I typed a long comment and deleted it by mistake...

I've looked at the links, but still think it's Germander speedwell.

It looks a typical germander speedwell colour to me - wood speedwell is much paler, with perhaps the veins standing out a bit darker. (I think the germander speedwell on the link looks paler/brighter than average - maybe just the way the photo was taken).

I hate it when books say 'lilac' (Rose describes Wood Speedwell as lilac) - actual lilacs are so variable, and I don't know which variation of lilac they mean! But they all have a degree of pink in them, and I don't think these flowers have that at all.

Also, I think the stems look furry in some places, and hairless in others, which fits with the 2 lines of hairs (which doesn't fit Wood Speedwell), and the leaves don't have stalks (again, doesn't fit Wood Speedwell).

Can you find it again and check for the 2 lines of hairs? That seems to be a pretty clear-cut distinction - much easier than subtle colour variations (which might vary depending on how much shade the plants were growing in, perhaps). If not, at least you'll know next time!

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Thanks for your assistance Chalkie, I will have another look next time I pass it, as you say I will know what to look for in future.

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I saw some today...

And I did think carefully about the colour - maybe not quite as pure a blue as I'd thought. (I also checked that the leaves didn't have stalks - previously I'd have just thought 'germander speedwell' without considering wood speedwell, so I've learnt something too. Funny thing is, I didn't actually look for the lines of hairs!)

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Hairs checked out...

I passed my plant again last night with a group, and we can confirm two distinct lines of hairs on the stalks. Thanks!